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College of Employment Services for Individual Learners. Institute for Community Inclusion, Umass Boston Logo CES + ACRE: 11 courses + Fieldwork is a Program

CES + ACRE: 11 courses + Fieldwork

Time limit: 180 days

$550 Enroll

Full program description

CES’s ACRE Supplement bundle includes 11 ACRE-approved courses plus required activities and fieldwork. 

This bundle includes 11 ACRE-approved courses plus required activities and fieldwork divided into two parts. Part 1 covers all 11 courses approved by ACRE, and Part 2 covers the fieldwork activities. Once you complete Part 1 and Part 2, you will receive an ACRE certificate and your name will be added to the ACRE Certificate Registry. This bundle is available for purchase, and it has a 365 day time limit.

Part 1:

  1. Foundations of Employment Services
  2. Principles of Career Development
  3. Strategies for Job Development: Part 1
  4. Strategies for Job Development: Part 2
  5. Business Perspectives
  6. Performance Coaching and Support
  7. Using Work Incentives Toward Self-Sufficiency
  8. Funding
  9. Ticket to Work
  10. Networking
  11. Job Creation

Part 2:

Eight hours of supplemental activities administered on an online learning platform led by ICI staff. These activities involve fieldwork in your community, which fits in with the work your staff are already doing. This fieldwork allows staff to practice and demonstrate the skills they have learned in the online courses.

Learners watch 3 half hour webinars supplementing their CES coursework. 

When they complete Part 1 (all 11 required CES online courses) and Part 2 (three webinars and the related activities and fieldwork), they’ll receive an ACRE certificate and your name will be added to the ACRE Certificate Registry.

How Long Do I Have To Complete the ACRE Supplement (Part 2)?

All learners enrolled in the CES ACRE Part 2 Fieldwork are given 365 days from the day of purchase to complete the online course, including all fieldwork, webinars, and other requirements. 

After 365 days from the day of puchase, you will no longer have access to the course materials required to earn the ACRE certificate.

Benefits of the College of Employment Services

Everyone deserves the chance to find rewarding employment. That’s the goal – and the promise – of the College of Employment Services. Our curriculum helps employment professionals learn to guide individuals through the job search, job matching, and job retention process. The benefits stretch far beyond immediate purchasers and end-users.

For state and local agencies

With tight budgets and strict performance requirements, the demands on your agency are greater than ever. So it’s crucial for you to recruit and retain quality employment-services professionals. The College of Employment Services delivers online training that is far more affordable than traditional classroom instruction. Our curriculum meets national competencies and standards, and it’s built by the experts at the Institute for Community Inclusion. So it’s a powerful tool to help you meet or exceed new state and federal mandates while balancing your budget.

For employment providers

Your goal is to assist the individuals you serve in finding fulfilling work – and the College of Employment Services is the most effective, affordable way to make that happen. Our online curriculum enables your employees to meet the needs of your diverse customer base, while also fulfilling employers’ hiring goals. The training is built on nationally accepted standards of competency and ethics. So it can validate the work you do in the community, and enable you to have a real impact on the lives of job seekers with disabilities or other barriers to employment. And unlike other systems, your employees will have access to the entire curriculum throughout your subscription period.

For employment-services professionals

The work you do is important – and you deserve the chance to build a rich, rewarding career helping people with disabilities and other challenges find fulfilling work. The College of Employment Services lets you complete training on your own schedule, right from your own computer. We offer a full spectrum of on-demand courses

that give you research-supported skills and practical knowledge. Our curriculum is designed to help you build your career path and prepare for certification.

For individuals with disabilities

The job market can be an overwhelming place for anyone – but it can be especially challenging for people who have disabilities or other barriers. The College of Employment Services provides training to employment-services professionals who can help you navigate job hunting, interview preparation, accommodations, and more. Professionals trained by our program can help you get on the path to a fulfilling career. You may also be interested in these courses for yourself, to learn more about the process of finding a job in the community.