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ICI College of Employment Services for individual learners. Institute for Community Inclusion, UMass Boston CES: Benefit Planning Bundle is a Course

CES: Benefit Planning Bundle

Time limit: 365 days

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Full course description

Benefits Planning Bundle Curriculum

This bundle includes three courses with lessons on understanding and maximizing work incentives, strategies for blending funding, and an overview of the Ticket to Work program.

       1. Using Work Incentives Toward Self-Sufficiency
       2. Funding
       3. Ticket to Work

Using Work Incentives Toward Self-Sufficiency

If you provide employment services for people who receive various disability benefits, you recognize that concerns about the relationship between earnings and benefits is one of the primary barriers to employment. The truth is, many people can effectively use work rules and incentives to become self-sufficient. While the incentives are complex, you don’t need to be an expert to help. This course is an introduction to work incentives. It will help you understand important terminology, fundamental rules and concepts, and crucial strategies in helping beneficiaries maximize work incentive use and economic self-sufficiency.


Lesson 1: Why Work? An Overview of Work Incentives
Lesson 2: Proactive Planning: Staying on Track with Work Incentives
Lesson 3: Key Incentives for People Receiving Social Security Disability Insurance 
Lesson 4: Key Incentives for People Receiving Supplemental Security Income 
Lesson 5: There’s More to Benefits than Cash: Medical Benefits and Other Subsidies 
Lesson 6: The PASS: Helping People with Disability Benefits Create Careers


Getting funding for employment services can be challenging, but there are many sources available. In this course, you’ll learn about primary funding sources, such as vocational rehabilitation and developmental disabilities agencies. You’ll become familiar with alternative funding sources, and with strategies for blending and braiding funding. We’ll also cover Medicaid waivers, resource ownership, and Social Security work incentives.


Lesson 1: Where Funding Comes From
Lesson 2: Social Security and Additional Funding Sources

Ticket to Work


You’ve probably been hearing about the Social Security Ticket to Work program for years. But what is it, and how can it help the job seekers you support? Get an overview of this useful work incentive in this special feature.